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Historic Resources

Information related to Historic Resources will be provided at the Public Hearing. This will provide information to residents, local public officials, and interested persons and organizations relative to the process and schedule for identifying and evaluating historic resources, determining significant historic properties, and evaluating potential impacts to significant historic properties. Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 requires federal agencies to consider the effects of projects they carry out, approve, or fund on historic properties.

There are four historic properties identified within the project’s area of potential effect (APE) that are eligible for the listing in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). These historic properties include: The Brooksville Overpass over the CSX Railroad, the Downtown Brooksville Historic District and its eight contributing resources, the residence at 140 Main Street, and the Brooksville Lumber. The last two are also contributing resources to the historic district.

A Section 106 Case Study Report was prepared to document potential effects to these resources. The proposed project is anticipated to result in No Adverse Effect to these historic properties.The State Historic Preservation Officer concurred with these findings on June 19, 2019.

What’s New?

The proposed trail will complete a gap in Florida’s Coast to Coast Trail in the Brooksville area. The proposed "gap trail" will begin on State Road (SR) 50/Cortez Boulevard, west of Cobb Road, and continues easterly through Brooksville, ending at the present beginning point for the Good Neighbor Trail near the intersection of Main Street and Russell Street.


A public hearing was held on March 14, 2019 where the proposed build alternative was presented and compared against a no-build alternative. There was public support for the build alternative, so FDOT is finalizing the PD&E study documents for further efforts to construct the build alternative with a slight alignment change. This change involves re-routing the trail to follow along Bailey Avenue instead of along Orange Avenue.


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Send us your Comments

The public plays an important role in the project development and decision-making process of this study. Send us your comments and ideas to help us determine the most appropriate conceptual design for the Good Neighbor Trail.


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Project Schedule

Public Hearing: March 14, 2019
Updated Concepts: Summer 2019
Finalize PD&E Documents: Spring/Summer 2019
PD&E Complete: Summer 2019


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Contact Information

For more information or to comment, please contact:


Ashley Henzel, Project Manager
Florida Department of Transportation, District Seven
Planning & Environmental Management Office (PLEMO)
11201 N. McKinley Drive
MS 7-800
Tampa, FL 33612
(813) 975-6433
(800) 226-7220

For media inquiries, please contact:


Kristen Carson, Public Information Director
Florida Department of Transportation, District Seven
11201 N. McKinley Drive
MS 7-110
Tampa, FL 33612-6456
(813) 975-6202
(800) 226-7220

Comuniquese Con Nosotros
Nos importa mucho la opinión del público sobre el proyecto. Si usted tiene preguntas o comentarios, o si simplemente desea más información, por favor comuníquese con nosotros. Nuestro representante, Señor Manny Flores, 813-975-4248, Departamento de Transportación de Florida, 11201 N. McKinley Dr., MS-7-800, Tampa, FL 33612, manuel.flores@dot.state.fl.us