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What is a PD&E Study?

As shown in the graphic below, the Gandy Boulevard project is currently in the PD&E Study phase of the FDOT’s 5-step transportation project development process. A PD&E Study is the FDOT’s process for adhering to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and involves a range of engineering and environmental analyses and public involvement.

A PD&E Study assists the FDOT to determine the location; conceptual design; and social, economic, and environmental effects of the proposed project. During the PD&E Study, “Build” alternatives are developed and evaluated based on safety measures, environmental and engineering analyses, and public input. In addition, the “No Build” alternative remains a viable option throughout the PD&E Study phase.

If the study results in a “Build” alternative being selected, and funding is available, the project may proceed to the design phase.

Five Steps in the Transportation Development Process

The Transportation Development Process

  1. Long Range Planning: The FDOT and local agencies conduct long-range transportation planning on an ongoing basis to identify and prioritize projects.
  2. Project Development and Environment Study: As described above, the PD&E Study phase involves conceptual engineering, environmental evaluations, and public involvement. It is during this phase that alternatives are evaluated; if a “Build” alternative is selected, and funding is available, the project would move into the design phase.
  3. Design: During the design phase, construction plans are prepared.
  4. Right-Of-Way Acquisition: This phase entails the purchase and acquisition of right-of-way, if needed.
  5. Construction: The roadway is built during this phase.


What’s New?

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District 7 is conducting a Project Development and Environment (PD&E) study for US 92/SR 600/Gandy Boulevard, hereinafter referred to as Gandy Boulevard.


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